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Issue #2500101 by David_Rothstein: sites/all/modules/README.txt should not imply that clearing caches always works after moving a module to a new subdirectory
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@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@ Drupal community may be downloaded at
It is safe to organize modules into subdirectories, such as "contrib" for
contributed modules, and "custom" for custom modules. Note that if you move a
module to a subdirectory after it has been enabled, you may need to clear the
-Drupal cache so that it can be found.
+Drupal cache so that it can be found. (Alternatively, you can disable the
+module before moving it and then re-enable it after the move.)
In multisite configuration, modules found in this directory are available to
all sites. Alternatively, the sites/your_site_name/modules directory pattern may