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Issue #2890364 by timmillwood, amateescu, plach, xjm: Replace all uses of "forward revision" with "pending revision"
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diff --git a/core/modules/node/src/Tests/PagePreviewTest.php b/core/modules/node/src/Tests/PagePreviewTest.php
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--- a/core/modules/node/src/Tests/PagePreviewTest.php
+++ b/core/modules/node/src/Tests/PagePreviewTest.php
@@ -427,14 +427,14 @@ class PagePreviewTest extends NodeTestBase {
$this->assertFieldByName('revision_log[0][value]', $edit['revision_log[0][value]'], 'Revision log field displayed.');
// Save the node after coming back from the preview page so we can create a
- // forward revision for it.
+ // pending revision for it.
$this->drupalPostForm(NULL, [], t('Save'));
$node = $this->drupalGetNodeByTitle($edit[$title_key]);
- // Check that previewing a forward revision of a node works. This can not be
+ // Check that previewing a pending revision of a node works. This can not be
// accomplished through the UI so we have to use API calls.
// @todo Change this test to use the UI when we will be able to create
- // forward revisions in core.
+ // pending revisions in core.
// @see