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authorAlex Pott2014-05-21 13:59:11 (GMT)
committerAlex Pott2014-05-21 13:59:11 (GMT)
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Revert "Issue #1289536 by RobLoach, Crell, Pancho, pounard, socketwench, fgm, dawehner, scor, tim.plunkett, larowlan, ParisLiakos: Switch Watchdog to a PSR-3 logging framework."
This reverts commit ef250ba2cb737d7b575321095a518c7ca8193d18.
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diff --git a/core/authorize.php b/core/authorize.php
index f938f39..f2da377 100644
--- a/core/authorize.php
+++ b/core/authorize.php
@@ -147,7 +147,7 @@ if (authorize_access_allowed()) {
else {
drupal_add_http_header('Status', '403 Forbidden');
- watchdog('access denied', 'authorize.php', array(), WATCHDOG_WARNING);
+ watchdog('access denied', 'authorize.php', NULL, WATCHDOG_WARNING);
$page_title = t('Access denied');
$output = t('You are not allowed to access this page.');