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-Drupal core is maintained by the community. To participate, go to
-The people listed here have agreed to do more quality assurance work for
-particular areas of Drupal. All of them are subject to change.
+Drupal core is built and maintained by the Drupal project community. Everyone is
+encouraged to submit issues and changes (patches) to improve Drupal, and to
+contribute in other ways -- see to find out how.
Branch maintainers
-Drupal 7
+The Drupal Core branch maintainers oversee the development of Drupal as a whole.
+The branch mainainers for Drupal 7 are:
- Dries Buytaert 'dries' <>
- Angela Byron 'webchick' <>
@@ -18,6 +16,11 @@ Drupal 7
Component maintainers
+The Drupal Core component maintainers oversee the development of Drupal
+subsystems. See for more
+information on their responsibilities, and to find out how to become a component
+maintainer. Current component maintainers for Drupal 7:
Ajax system
- Alex Bronstein 'effulgentsia' <>
- Randy Fay 'rfay' <>