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- Patch #249342 by keith.smith: CHANGELOG.txt clean-up.
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@@ -6,27 +6,26 @@ Drupal 7.0, xxxx-xx-xx (development version)
* Protected cron.php -- cron will only run if the proper key is provided.
* Changed to much stronger password hashes that are also compatible with the
Portable PHP password hashing framework.
- * Implemented a pluggable password hashing API (similar to how an alternate
- cache mechanism can be used) to allow developers to readily substitute
- an alternative hashing and authentication scheme.
+ * Implemented a pluggable password hashing API that supports alternative
+ hashing and authentication schemes.
- Usability:
* Implemented drag-and-drop positioning for input format listings.
- * Provide descriptions for permissions on the administration page.
+ * Provided descriptions for user permissions.
- Search:
- * Made it possible to language-aware searches.
+ * Added support for language-aware searches.
- Testing:
* Added test framework and tests.
- Removed ping module:
- * This module has been removed from the core download. Contributed
- alternatives are available.
-- Removed access rules:
- * The access rules capability of user module has been stripped down to a
- simple method for blocking IP addresses. E-mail and username restrictions
- are now available in a contributed module. IP address range blocking is
- no longer supported and should be done at the server level.
+ * Contributed modules with similar functionality are available.
+- Refactored the "access rules" component of user module:
+ * The user module now provides a simple interface for blocking single
+ IP addresses. Previous user module functionality for restricting certain
+ e-mail addresses and usernames are available as a contributed module.
+ Further, IP address range blocking is no longer supported and should be
+ implemented at the operating system level.
- Removed throttle module:
- * The throttle module has been removed. Alternative methods to improve
- performance are available in core and contributed modules.
+ * Alternative methods for improving performance are available in other core and
+ contributed modules.
Drupal 6.0, 2008-02-13