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Issue #2867042 by jgrunert, jhodgdon, rakesh.gectcr, dawehner, jazzdrive3, alexpott, Loparev: Running any tests which extended from BrowserTestBase getting permission denied
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@@ -13,6 +13,11 @@ Note: functional tests have to be invoked with a user in the same group as the
web server user. You can either configure Apache (or nginx) to run as your own
system user or run tests as a privileged user instead.
+Invoking tests with a user that is in the same group as the web server will
+require you to ensure Drupal keeps gid stickybits when creating new directories.
+`$settings['file_chmod_directory'] = 02775;`
To develop locally, a straightforward - but also less secure - approach is to
run tests as your own system user. To achieve that, change the default Apache
user to run as your system user. Typically, you'd need to modify