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* #371892 by Dave Reid, deekayen, drewish: Generate content pretends to work ev...Dave Reid2009-09-241-1/+6
* #501236 by sun. use module_load_include()moshe weitzman2009-07-031-1/+1
* #501236 by smk-ka. missing include.moshe weitzman2009-07-021-0/+1
* #476310 by helmo. Missing include in weitzman2009-05-301-25/+0
* Update and improve the drush commands for generating content/users/taxonomy.moshe weitzman2009-04-091-1/+10
* #376111 by Dave Reid. Randomize the number of comments generated per node.moshe weitzman2009-03-161-4/+4
* #376108 by Dave Reid. Add statistics to content generationmoshe weitzman2009-03-161-0/+6
* #297722 by swentel. drush commands for generating users, taxonomy, and conten...moshe weitzman2009-01-051-1/+1
* #310060 by eaton. Allow devel_generate to create older nodes and users.moshe weitzman2008-09-181-1/+27
* further cleanup of bulk node generation. modules may now participate using st...moshe weitzman2008-05-241-6/+11
* rework devel_generate so that modules can cleanly form_alter themselves into ...moshe weitzman2008-05-231-2/+3
* #244729 by BDragon. Misc. hook_menu problems/cleanups6.x-1.8moshe weitzman2008-05-171-9/+9
* #177722 - use batch api to create large number of node contentDoug Green2008-05-141-2/+9
* #257874 by KarenS. Generate CCK fields when generating nodes.moshe weitzman2008-05-131-1/+1
* #208349. don't try to generate pollsmoshe weitzman2008-01-141-0/+2
* add some initial code so cck field modules can participate in devel_generate....moshe weitzman2007-11-221-2/+1
* you may now generate nodes only of specified types ... content deletion is s...moshe weitzman2007-11-081-9/+32
* #177520 Confusing wording: Delete all users but user 1 before generating new ...moshe weitzman2007-09-271-1/+1
* major update for devel_generate module. lots of stuff like comment threading ...moshe weitzman2007-09-271-26/+46
* #160557 -- abstract taxonomy creation to patch by hunmonk.Chad Phillips2007-07-191-113/+8
* #159533 by hunmonk. refactor devel_generate and port to d6moshe weitzman2007-07-171-40/+6
* #150505 Port devel_generate to 6.x. patch by Rok. not perfect, but close enou...moshe weitzman2007-06-211-22/+22
* #144695: move user generation code into and fixDerek Wright2007-05-181-21/+2
* #135951 by Zen. forward port generator module to HEADmoshe weitzman2007-04-161-0/+299