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* add some initial code so cck field modules can participate in devel_generate....moshe weitzman2007-11-221-0/+13
* you may now generate nodes only of specified types ... content deletion is s...moshe weitzman2007-11-081-57/+9
* terms on nodes now respect their vocab's multiple property, and requried prop...moshe weitzman2007-11-041-9/+17
* fix error if no cck is installedmoshe weitzman2007-11-041-5/+8
* create nodes whose type is custom if no cck fields are definedmoshe weitzman2007-10-291-2/+19
* major update for devel_generate module. lots of stuff like comment threading ...moshe weitzman2007-09-271-113/+80
* #160557 -- abstract taxonomy creation to patch by hunmonk.Chad Phillips2007-07-191-3/+124
* #159533 by hunmonk. refactor devel_generate and port to d6moshe weitzman2007-07-171-3/+62
* #150505 Port devel_generate to 6.x. patch by Rok. not perfect, but close enou...moshe weitzman2007-06-211-9/+11
* #144695: move user generation code into and fixDerek Wright2007-05-181-0/+27
* #135951 by Zen. forward port generator module to HEADmoshe weitzman2007-04-161-0/+249