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AJAX developers in particular ought to install FirePHP Core from and put it in the devel directory. Your path to fb.php should looks like devel/FirePHPCore/lib/FirePHPCore/fb.php. You can use svn checkout Then you can log php variables to the firebug console. Is quite useful.
Included in this package is also:
-- devel_themer.module which outputs deep information related to all theme calls on a page.
- devel_node_access module which prints out the node_access records for a given node. Also offers hook_node_access_explain for all node access modules to implement. Handy.
- devel_generate.module which bulk creates nodes, users, comment, terms for development
-Macro module has moved to
Some nifty drush integration ships with devel and devel_generate. See drush help for details.