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* Stripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration2011-02-251-1/+0
* Merging in branch 'DRUPAL-6--1', with many manual conflict resolutions.Sam Boyer2010-09-071-3/+31
* Committing in a collection of ongoing port work from #589636, so that we can ...Sam Boyer2009-10-171-30/+10
* #589636 by sun: Updated for automatic database schema installation.sun2009-10-081-14/+0
* #550850 by hass: remove incorrect t() from install and blank strings.Earl Miles2009-08-161-10/+10
* #528392 by markus_petrux: Explicit NOT NULL settings in schema during install.Earl Miles2009-08-091-0/+3
* #504286 by Darren Oh: Set proper primary key on ctools_object_cacheEarl Miles2009-07-171-4/+12
* #447064 by nickl: Improve requirements message when css cache directory canno...Earl Miles2009-06-131-1/+1
* #447064: Make the CSS cache directory creation more robust, plus add hook_req...Earl Miles2009-05-061-0/+31
* Automatically switch to views content panes if panels_views was previously en...Earl Miles2009-04-201-0/+15
* #374322: ctools_css_cache.cid needs to be NOT NULL.Earl Miles2009-02-141-0/+1
* Improvements to the css cache so Panels can do more.Earl Miles2009-02-051-2/+47
* #360766 by sun: code cleanup to match standards.Earl Miles2009-01-291-0/+1
* Fix major bug with too-long page names. Thanks drewish!Earl Miles2009-01-221-1/+28
* Convert object cache to a BIG text field. Basically the same change as webchi...Earl Miles2009-01-091-0/+1
* Chaos Tools API initial, early checkin. This module provides 4 API tools, plu...Earl Miles2008-11-121-0/+72