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* Disabled exportables and pages not properly greyed out.Earl Miles2011-01-051-1/+1
* Employ the expanded options from Views inside modals.Earl Miles2011-01-011-0/+22
* Integrate 7.x port work done in git back into CVS.7.x-1.0-alpha1Sam Boyer2010-10-114-1/+177
* Merging in branch 'DRUPAL-6--1', with many manual conflict resolutions.Sam Boyer2010-09-072-3/+6
* Merging in a series of commits from the DRUPAL-6--1 branch.Sam Boyer2009-10-121-0/+5
* Fix a couple of CSS problems with the dropdwon.Earl Miles2009-07-211-0/+3
* #464252 by andrewlevine: Helper to make onchange AJAX requests for select boxes.Earl Miles2009-07-171-1/+2
* Fix context availability when more than 1 context is needed. Make context sel...Earl Miles2009-07-101-2/+3
* Expand the context to allow the plumbing for replacing placeholder contexts w...Earl Miles2009-04-221-4/+6
* Add "node" as a content type.Earl Miles2009-04-171-3/+4
* More robust AJAX stuff that will eliminate some ugly errors plus prevent doub...Earl Miles2009-04-142-1/+11
* Initial commit of content API into ctools. Only one content type is ported, b...Earl Miles2009-04-121-0/+6
* Make modal bigger.Earl Miles2009-04-101-8/+1
* Page locking + improvements to locking notification on handlers.Earl Miles2009-03-311-0/+12
* Fix ctools_css_clear() to do what the documentation says it does. Plus fix a ...Earl Miles2009-03-261-1/+1
* #367213: Do not throw away an already built form when falling back. Just rend...Earl Miles2009-02-061-1/+1
* Retool the access plugins to allow multiple plugins plus and/or switch. Retoo...6.x-1.0-alpha1Earl Miles2008-12-301-4/+7
* First pass at a nice little javascript dropdown menu tool.Earl Miles2008-12-181-0/+66
* A tool to facilitate multi-step wizards. I do not think this is quite finishe...Earl Miles2008-12-061-0/+9
* Some minor cleanup of things broken by last commit.Earl Miles2008-12-051-2/+2
* Move context from Panels to CTools. This includes a bunch of stuff:Earl Miles2008-12-042-0/+109
* Add callbacks to the collapsible so that it can be trivially transformed into...Earl Miles2008-11-271-0/+4
* Add a collapsible div tool to the set.Earl Miles2008-11-251-0/+15