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CSS Injector
Allows administrators to inject CSS into the page output based on configurable rules. It's useful for adding simple CSS tweaks without modifying a site's official theme -- for example, a 'nighttime' color scheme could be added during certain hours. The CSS is added using Drupal's standard drupal_add_css() function and respects page caching, etc.

This module is definitely not a replacement for full-fledged theming, but it provides site administrators with a quick and easy way of tweaking things without diving into full-fledged theme hacking.

An important point to keep in mind is that in Drupal, themes always get last crack at display. Theme CSS is applied after modules. That means themes can and will override CSS put into play by CSS Injector module. If you want to override CSS that a theme is already applying, use CSS rules the way they were intended -- higher specificity rules, or the !important flag.