BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
7.x-0.xIssue #2405889 by pingers, rookmoot: Contact and activity templates are not usedMichael Priest2 weeks
7.x-1.xMerge branch 'development' into 7.x-1.xRoSk022 months
developmentFixed issue preventing to search for activities.RoSk010 months
importMake linked import fieldset collapsed by defaultValery L. Lourie3 months
mailRemoved functions which was added to relation_lists module.Alexander Schedrov5 months
og_integrationFixed permissions for admin pages.Alexander Schedrov2 months
7.x-0.980commit b697849399...Michael Priest2 months
7.x-0.964commit f2d74ebef8...Michael Haggerty10 months
7.x-0.963commit 543feeff56...RoSk014 months
7.x-0.962commit 08c17f5297...RoSk014 months
7.x-0.96commit 413c15ddfd...RoSk016 months
7.x-0.961commit 413c15ddfd...RoSk016 months
7.x-0.952commit e6371cfead...RoSk017 months
7.x-0.951commit a139970634...Michael Haggerty17 months
7.x-0.95commit fcc4a11572...Michael Haggerty18 months
7.x-0.93commit 1e6fb70ab9...pingers21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2015-01-12Issue #2405889 by pingers, rookmoot: Contact and activity templates are not usedHEAD7.x-0.xMichael Priest4-89/+1
2015-01-10Added ability to skip node access checks when querying for related entities.RoSk01-2/+5
2015-01-10Added views handler to provide default argument contact ID from current user.RoSk03-3/+26
2014-12-04Fixed documentation.RoSk01-2/+1
2014-12-02Move linked imports UI to the settings screenValery L. Lourie5-116/+214
2014-12-02Fixed issue with transferring relations on contacts merge.RoSk01-15/+23
2014-11-19CRM Core Report cleanup.RoSk03-14/+31
2014-11-19Added "Send email to participants" action.RoSk02-18/+129
2014-11-14Add a basic README.txt file for CRM Core data import.7.x-0.980Michael Priest1-0/+73
2014-11-14Don't just call civicrm_initialize() if CiviCRM is not enabled.Michael Priest1-5/+7