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* #288564: Adding integration for css_injector. Patch from Pasqualle.young hahn2008-08-032-1/+49
* Moving contrib module integration into context_ui_contrib.moduleyoung hahn2008-08-034-82/+105
* Merging refactoring/structural changes from DRUPAL-5 branchyoung hahn2008-08-033-554/+615
* Merging changes from DRUPAL-5 branch into HEADyoung hahn2008-08-033-22/+61
* #284026: Implementing alternate theme stack for context-aware menu itemsyoung hahn2008-08-031-65/+52
* FIXED: Context prefix now actually checks it if needs to load prefixes before...Jeff Miccolis2008-07-181-1/+1
* #282197 Initial work on the Drupal 6.x port of context. This commit brings on...Jeff Miccolis2008-07-1713-428/+611
* Don't get pwned.young hahn2008-07-151-4/+4
* Merging changes from DRUPAL-5 branchyoung hahn2008-07-152-263/+352
* Merging changes from DRUPAL-5 Branch into HEADJeff Miccolis2008-07-1510-659/+1407
* Adding a very early alpha release of context_ui. Provides a user interface fo...young hahn2008-04-017-0/+1899
* Removed hook_simpletest, no longer needed.Jeff Miccolis2008-03-211-9/+0
* Changes to info file as per moshe weitzman's suggestionsJeff Miccolis2008-03-211-2/+1
* Initial commit of context module. Provides a small api for working with conte...Jeff Miccolis2008-03-113-0/+216