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7.x-1.0Refactor Twig class templatesJesus Manuel Olivas13 months
8.x-1.0Refactor Twig class templatesJesus Manuel Olivas13 months
fake-test-branchRefactor Twig class templatesJesus Manuel Olivas13 months
masterMerge pull request #629 from jmolivas/627-standard-sensio-insight-57Jesus Manuel Olivas6 hours
8.0-alpha1commit 45dbfacf03...Jesus Manuel Olivas13 months
8.x-1.xcommit 45dbfacf03...Jesus Manuel Olivas13 months
8.x.1.xcommit 45dbfacf03...Jesus Manuel Olivas13 months
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6 hoursMerge pull request #629 from jmolivas/627-standard-sensio-insight-57HEADmasterJesus Manuel Olivas2-2/+1
7 hoursMerge pull request #628 from enzolutions/core-scriptJesus Manuel Olivas3-0/+123
7 hours#627 Add a newline characterJesus Manuel Olivas1-1/+1
7 hours#627 Remove unused variable messageHelperJesus Manuel Olivas1-1/+0
7 hoursAdded new command password:hashenzo - Eduardo Garcia3-0/+123
15 hoursMerge pull request #624 from enzolutions/generate-themeJesus Manuel Olivas5-0/+474
15 hoursMerge pull request #626 from LowellMontgomery/Minor_typo_cleanup_etcJesus Manuel Olivas7-21/+24
2 daysCleanup of to correspond to: new sponsor FFW, better SEO in heading...Lowell Montgomery1-14/+17
2 days625-Fix autorization typo (should be 'authorization') in option and translsat...Lowell Montgomery6-7/+7
2 daysAdded new command to generate a Drupal 8 theme, options base theme selectionenzo - Eduardo Garcia5-0/+474