BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
6.x-1.xInitial commit of Commons installation profile based on official Github repo ...Ezra Barnett Gildesgame3 years
6.x-2.xSA-CONTRIB-2014-072 by japerry: Remove references to 'freelinking' module. Ke...Jakob Perry5 hours
7.x-3.xDrupal 7.30, Remove metatag optional modules warning message on site status pageJakob Perry14 hours
fbss-upstreamrestore previous token versionEzra Barnett Gildesgame3 years
github-versionsremove redundant patchEzra Barnett Gildesgame3 years
masterCommitting empty master branch.Ezra Barnett Gildesgame3 years
mediaAdded patch to AdaptiveTheme.Devin Carlson7 months
update-makefileCorrect typo in id3 directoryEzra Barnett Gildesgame3 years
utest-2011-bMerge branch '6.x-2.x' of into utest-2011-bEzra Barnett Gildesgame3 years
7.x-3.16commit 7de4d59110...Jakob Perry14 hours
7.x-3.15commit 6884b02161...Jakob Perry4 weeks
6.x-2.18commit 89b676d66e...Jakob Perry5 weeks
7.x-3.14commit c9256bc998...Jakob Perry5 weeks
6.x-2.18-rc1commit 63f4ad3868...Jakob Perry5 weeks
7.x-3.13commit 4535d71065...Jakob Perry2 months
7.x-3.12commit 2a50fdb80f...Devin Carlson3 months
7.x-3.11commit 315b557a5b...Jakob Perry3 months
6.x-2.17commit 61aa60d5e5...Jakob Perry3 months
7.x-3.10commit ba7e560a87...Jakob Perry3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
14 hoursDrupal 7.30, Remove metatag optional modules warning message on site status pageHEAD7.x-3.167.x-3.xJakob Perry2-2/+5
43 hoursFixed broken tests caused by Drush issues.Devin Carlson3-6/+4
45 hoursRemoved OG Example from the features page as it conflicts with Commons Body, ...Devin Carlson1-0/+12
46 hoursFixed conflict between Commons Core Search and Commons Apache SOLR by alterin...Devin Carlson4-58/+46
3 daysFixed dynamic title_field field replacement appearing overridden when new con...Devin Carlson1-0/+13
3 daysRestored dependency on Commons Notify.Devin Carlson1-0/+3
4 daysFixed Commons Media doesn't handle dependencies for any modules that it autom...Devin Carlson4-16/+40
4 daysUpdated Commons Events dependencies.Devin Carlson2-1/+12
4 daysRestoring drupal-extension version.Devin Carlson1-1/+1
5 daysMultiple behat tests for content types, trusted contacts, blocks, and features.Jakob Perry6-7/+59