BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
6.x-1.xStripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration3 years
6.x-2.xRemoving translation directoriesThe Great Git Migration3 years
6.x-3.xStripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration3 years
7.x-0.xCreate new site-name & site-slogan display.Sungsit Sawaiwan3 years
7.x-2.xIssue #1467250 by concreteboots: Undefined property: stdClass:: in comment_cl...git2 years
7.x-3.xIssue #1617108 by yashadev: Cleaned up the current version of the theme.Yasha Prikhodko2 years
7.x-3.x-unstable1Add 'back to top' link using jqueryYasha Prikhodko2 years
masterRemoving translation directoriesThe Great Git Migration3 years
7.x-2.0commit 7f1e374818...Yasha Prikhodko2 years
7.x-2.1commit 7f1e374818...Yasha Prikhodko2 years
7.x-2.4commit 7f1e374818...Yasha Prikhodko2 years
6.x-2.1commit 25767d4e59...Sungsit Sawaiwan5 years
6.x-2.0commit 1803d27ffc...Sungsit Sawaiwan6 years
6.x-2.0-beta1commit 5e7f748df3...Sungsit Sawaiwan6 years
6.x-1.3commit 50b47b64f6...Sungsit Sawaiwan6 years
6.x-1.2commit 6bb1036b9e...Sungsit Sawaiwan6 years
6.x-1.1commit 37f9be1de7...Sungsit Sawaiwan6 years
6.x-1.0commit 732967a273...Sungsit Sawaiwan6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2011-02-25Removing translation directoriesHEADmasterThe Great Git Migration2-328/+0
2011-02-25Stripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration28-28/+0
2009-04-26Changed thai word ดรูปอล to ดรูปัล.Sungsit Sawaiwan1-1/+1
2009-04-26Changed and collected some README detail.6.x-2.1Sungsit Sawaiwan1-1/+1
2009-04-26Changed some README detail.Sungsit Sawaiwan1-4/+2
2009-04-26Added new favicon file.Sungsit Sawaiwan1-0/+0
2009-04-26#394864 fabrizioprocopio reported tinymce bg issue.Sungsit Sawaiwan4-95/+139
2009-04-26Fix HEAD cvs tag files.Sungsit Sawaiwan22-152/+803
2009-04-26Added Chemical Ali (russian translator) URL.Sungsit Sawaiwan1-1/+1
2009-04-26#433212 by ChemAli: for russian translations.Sungsit Sawaiwan2-0/+330