BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
6.x-1.0Release 6.x-1.x-dev (2011/06/10)yas5 years
6.x-1.xIssue #1729788 by yas: Fixed - Added 'owner_id' as a primary key to 'cloud_aw...Yas Naoi4 years
7.x-1.xFixed one tab to two spacesYas Naoi3 days
8.x-1.xAdded US East (Ohio) Region (us-east-2)yas6 days
masterClean up master.Yas Naoi5 years
7.x-1.5commit 534fdd6e6d...yas6 days
7.x-1.4commit 01220e2997...yas6 months
7.x-1.3commit 078743f992...yas14 months
6.x-1.4commit 13773d77ec...Yas Naoi16 months
7.x-1.2commit 13773d77ec...Yas Naoi16 months
7.x-1.1commit d367fcabcf...yas17 months
7.x-1.0commit d9dd13131d...root18 months
6.x-1.3commit a80461fd5b...Yas Naoi4 years
6.x-1.2commit 8a04dbeb3f...root5 years
6.x-1.2-rc1commit 8a04dbeb3f...root5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysFixed one tab to two spacesHEAD7.x-1.xYas Naoi1-419/+419
6 daysAdded US East (Ohio) Region (us-east-2)7.x-1.5yas2-426/+427
2016-04-15Changed a field type to password at AWS Secret Key field7.x-1.4yas1-1/+1
2015-11-24Fixed aws_cloud.installYas Naoi1-24/+23
2015-11-13Remove all *primary keys*, *unique keys* and *index* from cloud_aws_security_...Yas Naoi1-0/+28
2015-08-27Added "Remove all *primary keys*, *unique keys* and *index* from7.x-1.3yas1-2/+4
2015-08-27Added "Remove a primary key and *index* from cloud_aws_images table" toyas1-1/+3
2015-08-27Added "Remove a primary key from cloud_aws_images table" toyas1-0/+8
2015-06-25Merge branch '7.x-1.x' of into 7.x-1.xyas1-0/+8
2015-06-23Added validation when adding AWS cloud for each textfield by adding trim() fu...7.x-1.26.x-1.4Yas Naoi1-0/+8