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7.x-1.xlatest updates for cinegykreynen5 years
masterInitial commit.kreynen5 years
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2012-12-07latest updates for cinegyHEAD7.x-1.xkreynen3-83/+115
2012-11-26added the creation of airing entities with a type of playlist. These are pur...kreynen1-12/+111
2012-10-27Cache table for upcoming shows and some changes in the XML outputDaniel Westergren3-100/+256
2012-10-25moved interstial playlists to a loopkreynen3-179/+150
2012-10-25InterstitialsDaniel Westergren2-187/+310
2012-10-14removed flag dependency. Updated cinegy-xml to use cleaned and formatted uui...kreynen3-96/+302
2012-10-14added template for interstials and captured type and fields in a Featurekreynen8-0/+1736
2012-08-17fixed cinegy_airing_grid_export menukreynen1-7/+7
2012-08-17adds a cinegy export button to cm_airing_gridkreynen3-129/+365
2012-08-09Initial commit.masterkreynen3-0/+262