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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ content type and edit it to add some fields. Then test by creating
a new node of your new type using the Create content menu link.
The included optionswidget.module provides radio and check box selectors
-for text and numeric types.
+for the various field types.
The included fieldgroup.module allows you to group fields together
in fieldsets to help organize them.
@@ -24,5 +24,18 @@ in fieldsets to help organize them.
A comprehensive guide to using CCK is available as a CCK Handbook
-jvandyk [at]
-jchaffer [at]
+Custom theming
+See the /theme/README.txt file.
+The Content Construction Kit was originally developped by:
+John Van Dyk
+Jonathan Chaffer
+Current maintainers:
+Karen Stevenson
+Yves Chedemois