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* #143988 by webchick. Use info file for dependencies, not hook_formalterRobert Douglass2007-05-152-12/+1
* #90437 Automatic buddy add.Khalid Baheyeldin2007-04-252-0/+96
* #111355 by smk-ka: port of buddylist invite integration to 5.xWolfgang Ziegler2007-02-212-0/+55
* zapping the forked, out of date, untagged CVS version of buddylist. Adding in...Robert Douglass2006-10-252-220/+0
* Fixed sql query thanks Steve McKenzie. Issue #58616.Nathan Haug2006-07-051-2/+1
* new module: buddylistinvite. This is an implementation of hook_invite. When e...Robert Douglass2006-03-201-0/+50
* issue #51454 fix add/delete buddylist usersDavid Norman2006-03-171-19/+30
* fix access when no groups are chosen. also add a UI for enabling/disabling th...moshe weitzman2005-11-291-8/+84
* new module which does node access control on buddy groupsmoshe weitzman2005-11-241-0/+84