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cache directory (must be writable by the web server) and enable static
caching. Keeping the default directory is highly recommended.
+ 4. Go to [Administer >> Site configuration >> Performance >> Boost]
+ Specify the cache directory, which should be something like
+ cache/ (keeping the default directory is highly recommended)
+ and must be writable by the web server: you may need to create the
+ directory, and set the permissions so it is writeable. If you choose to use
+ gzip, for compression of files cached by Boost, you also specify and may
+ need to create the folder for this; the default is of the format
+ cache/gz/
+ On the [Administer >> Site configuration >> Performance] Page is the
+ Default minimum cache lifetime setting. As cached pages are created, they
+ are given an expire by date and time, which is the current date and time
+ plus the minimum cache lifetime. These dates and times are checked on each
+ cron run; and if a page is expired, the cache is cleared, and a new cached
+ version will be created the next time the page is created by an anonymous
+ user (including bots).
5. IMPORTANT: after backing up the original .htaccess file in your Drupal
installation directory, add the rules found in boosted1.txt
right below
@@ -41,12 +58,15 @@ INSTALLATION
boosted1.txt is found in the sites/all/modules/boost/htaccess/ directory.
The default.txt file shows you the exact placement of where the rules go,
incase your not shure. If you fail to do this step, static page caching
- will NOT work! Rules from boosted1.txt can also be found on the
- Performance page.
+ will NOT work! Rules from boosted1.txt can also be found on the Boost
+ Settings page (admin/settings/performance/boost) in the expandable field
+ group called "Boost Apache .htaccess settings generation."
Should you have any trouble getting static pages served using the
boosted1.txt configuration, try the boosted2.txt file before posting a
- support issue on
+ support issue on; or try the different radio buttons on the
+ admin/settings/performance/boost page under "Boost Apache .htaccess
+ settings generation." field group.
(For the technically inclined, the difference between the two supplied
.htaccess templates is due to boosted1.txt relying on SERVER_NAME
@@ -55,11 +75,16 @@ INSTALLATION
6. Log out from Drupal (or use another browser) to browse around your site
as the anonymous user. Ensure that static files are indeed being
- generated into the Boost cache directory you specified above (#4).
+ generated into the Boost cache directory you specified above (#4); and if
+ you opt to use gzip, likewise check gzipped files are being generated in
+ the directory you specified for this. The performance settings page shows
+ how many pages are being cached by Boost, and (for pages Boost cannot
+ cache) by Drupal core.
- 7. Set $base_url variable in /sites/default/settings.php ( 125 line or so )
+ 7. Set $base_url variable in /sites/default/settings.php (line 125 or so)
so cron runs error free and clears the cache properly when invoked like
- 'php5 /path/to/cron.php' or 'drush cron'.
+ 'php /path/to/cron.php' or 'drush cron'. This should be something like
Guide for editing settings.php