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Added USERS.txt which will be used to provide some case examples of Boost usage.
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+// $Id$
+This lists some of the users of Boost, describing the setup of the website
+in question as well as providing rationale on how Boost benefits the site.
+It is hoped that the cases described here may serve as useful guides for new
+Boost users evaluating how to best implement static caching on their site.
+If you would like to add your website to this list, please contact the
+author at, describing your site and
+setup. Try to keep the description to a paragraph or two, and don't forget
+to include your name and the URL to your website. Note that additions to
+this list are posted at the author's sole discretion, and submissions may be
+abridged or edited for grammar.
+ Arto Bendiken <>
+ Personal website of the author. Boost is used to cache virtually every
+ page on the site, quite significantly improving response times despite
+ the sometimes sluggish shared hosting the site runs on. An additional
+ benefit provided by Boost is that when the backend MySQL database server
+ goes down, as happens now and then, the site still keeps on trucking
+ instead of just showing the Drupal database error page (dynamic features
+ such as posting comments obviously don't work until MySQL access is
+ restored, however).