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#325309 by Justin Miller: Added blurb about Environmental Working Group to USERS.txt.
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@@ -33,6 +33,18 @@ Boost users evaluating how to best implement static caching on their site.
+ Environmental Working Group <>
+ The Environmental Working Group (EWG) uses the power of public
+ information to protect public health and the environment. Boost is used
+ to cache all public-facing pages on the site (13,000+ and counting) and
+ has been critical in sustaining EWG's large amounts of traffic since the
+ site relaunched using Drupal in early 2007. EWG frequently receives
+ traffic from multiple press outlets on a given day and Boost allows EWG
+ to manage its infrastructure in-house and at a fraction of the price
+ that would otherwise be required.
Arto Bendiken <>
Personal website of the author. Boost is used to cache virtually every
@@ -51,4 +63,3 @@ setup. Try to keep the description to a paragraph or two, and don't forget
to include your name and the URL to your website. Note that additions to
this list are posted at the author's sole discretion, and submissions may be
abridged or edited for grammar.