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2216259-placeholder-spriteIssue #2407829: Fix minimum #nav-header height when links not presentNeil Drumm11 days
2216259-site-spritesIssue #2216259: Add placeholder site spritesNeil Drumm5 days
2406955-user-pagesIssue #2406955: Login & create account changesNeil Drumm11 days
2407829-headless-cleanupIssue #2407829: Fix minimum #nav-header height when links not presentNeil Drumm11 days
2411595-sticky-footerIssue #2411595: Use flexboxOliver Davies4 days
2413311-api-responsiveIssue #2413311: Clear '◄ Go to' linkNeil Drumm5 days
2413331-field-spacingIssue #2413331: Clean up field spacingNeil Drumm7 days
7.x-2.xUse the correct filenameOliver Davies9 min.
assoc-electionAssociation elections and civicrm css fixesEmilie Nouveau88 min.
devUse the correct filenameOliver Davies9 min.
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9 min.Use the correct filenameHEADdev7.x-2.xOliver Davies1-0/+0
26 min.Added reply.tpl.phpOliver Davies1-0/+17
69 min.Merge branch 'assoc-election' into devOliver Davies1-12/+239
88 min.Association elections and civicrm css fixesassoc-electionEmilie Nouveau1-59/+56
14 hoursCSS cleanupEmilie Nouveau1-90/+68
21 hoursIssue #2398079: Badge sizes (on d.o profiles) on narrow screens should be uni...Neil Drumm1-0/+8
21 hoursIssue #2360903: Fix incorrectly scaled SVG on IE 9-11Neil Drumm1-0/+3
21 hoursIssue #2415575: Fix footer in IENeil Drumm1-1/+1
24 hoursSmall tweaks to elections css and added in css for civi for TimxBmanx1-6/+97
3 daysAssociation elections css updates and tweaksxBmanx1-20/+27