BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
5.x-1.xStripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration4 years
5.x-2.xStripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration4 years
6.x-1.xStripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration4 years
6.x-2.xFix for issue #1023012Damian Lee4 years
7.x-1.xupdating functions based on new drupal 7 theme layer changesSteve Krueger5 years
7.x-2.xadding default scss fileSteve Krueger3 years
7.x-3.xUpdated neat and bourbon for D7 as per issue #2185821Niall Morgan14 months
7.x-4.xupdate configSteve Krueger2 months
8.x-1.xmove around element sassSteve Krueger2 months
masterupdate readmeSteve Krueger2 years
7.x-4.1commit 1d3d2e359d...Steve Krueger5 months
7.x-4.0-beta3commit ac0038e8fc...lildestro9 months
7.x-4.0-beta2commit 650609f06e...lildestro11 months
7.x-4.0commit 2c700a341d...Niall Morgan12 months
7.x-4.0-beta1commit 2c700a341d...Niall Morgan12 months
7.x-3.4commit 4ab892767e...Niall Morgan14 months
7.x-3.3commit cdd5e24a5a...Steve Krueger20 months
7.x-3.2commit 4afe03097a...Steve Krueger2 years
7.x-3.1commit 3b32486733...Steve Krueger2 years
7.x-3.0commit 382a4af031...Steve Krueger2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2015-01-17update configHEAD7.x-4.xSteve Krueger1-1/+1
2015-01-17various small bug fixesSteve Krueger6-27/+22
2014-10-25remove templatesSteve Krueger5-17/+20
2014-10-25mergeSteve Krueger1-11/+11
2014-10-25Merge branch '7.x-4.x' of into 7.x-4.xSteve Krueger1-0/+65
2014-10-25mobile first layout stylesSteve Krueger5-238/+260
2014-10-25Create default maintenance pageleahwagner1-0/+65
2014-10-17fix navigation link7.x-4.1Steve Krueger1-1/+1
2014-10-17update html to remove JSSteve Krueger2-5/+7
2014-10-17remove spritesmithSteve Krueger608-51336/+73