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-- FAQ --
+Apps uses the same mechanism for installing modules as the update module in
+core. This depends on certain php extensions to be installed on your server.
+Below is the documentation for the various methods of installing.
+*Install via FTP*
+In order to install via ftp, you must have the ftp php extension enabled.
+Most apache2/php installs have this by default which is by it probably shows
+up on most installs. You may run into a server that doesn't have ftp so then
+you will need to install it or use an alternative method. See
+ for how to install the ftp php
+extension. You will also need an ftp username and password that has rights
+to write to your site directory on your server.
+*Install via SSH*
+This is the recommended method of install
+In order to install via ssh, you must have the ssh2 php extension installed
+and enabled. This does not come by default with many apache2/php installs
+so it commonly needs to be added. See
+for how to install the ssh2 php extension. You will also need a username and
+password of a user that can ssh into the server and has write permissions to
+your site directory on your server.
+Install directly to sites directory
+This is not the preferred method of install and should be a last resort.
+In order to install directly to the sites directory it needs to be writable.
+In order to do this go to the root of your drupal install and type
+sudo chmod -R 777 sites
+Be aware that there are security issues with leaving your site in this state.