BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
4.7.x-1.xStripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration6 years
5.x-1.xRemoving translation directoriesThe Great Git Migration6 years
6.x-1.xRemoving translation directoriesThe Great Git Migration6 years
6.x-2.xAdded ability to automatically generate View blocks on a per Binary Poll basis.Michele Wickham5 years
6.x-3.xupdated changelog for future referenceMichele Wickham5 years
7.x-1.xRemoved console log in JS file - oops.Michele Wickham5 years
7.x-1.x-devFirst build of d7 Advanced Poll ModuleMichele Wickham5 years
7.x-2.xupdates to formatting to ensure Drupal coding standards are being observed.Michele Wickham5 years
7.x-3.xIssue #2674574 by Omar Alahmed: Content type name should use sentence caseoalahmed6 months
masterRemoving translation directoriesThe Great Git Migration6 years
7.x-3.0-alpha1commit c44b9057b0...Phil Dodd14 months
5.x-1.0-beta6commit 297592dbc2...Anders9 years
5.x-1.0-beta5commit 82ebce7255...The Great Git Migration9 years
5.x-1.0-beta4commit 38a6cd99b8...ChrisKennedy9 years
5.x-1.0-beta3commit d3692fe91e...ChrisKennedy9 years
5.x-1.0-beta2commit dea04ffa0e...ChrisKennedy9 years
5.x-1.0-beta1commit 3acc79242f...ChrisKennedy10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2016-04-20Issue #2674574 by Omar Alahmed: Content type name should use sentence caseHEAD7.x-3.xoalahmed1-3/+3
2016-04-20Issue #2566577 by kevineinarsson: Not compatible with Display Suitekevineinarsson2-5/+15
2016-02-21Issue #821044 by jacob.embree: Cleanup codejacob.embree27-870/+1066
2016-01-25Issue #2656228 by organicwire: Sometimes I can submit more than max choicesorganicwire1-1/+1
2015-11-05Issue #2607786 by pookmish: Field already existspookmish1-2/+6
2015-10-18Issue #2344007 by neerajskydiver: Unable to save an Adv Poll node with Multis...neerajskydiver1-1/+4
2015-09-07docblock cleanup of advpoll_voteapi.inc7.x-3.0-alpha1Phil Dodd1-47/+38
2015-09-03Issue #2560509 by nevergone: more language, but not translated site and advan...nevergone1-1/+6
2015-06-21Issue #2509412 by baso: Vote cancellation does not work for Anonymous usersgit2-23/+21
2015-06-14Issue #2407473 by recrit, tripper54, jacob.embree: Choice form element key is...tripper541-4/+4