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* Issue #1305236 by sjhuda: Fixed wrong path to config page in module info.Matthias Glastra2011-10-111-1/+1
* Added configure setting to to enable Configure-link on modules p...paulihuhtiniemi2011-09-091-0/+1
* Removed redundant classes. Also removed author information, as there will pro...Jani Palsamäki2011-09-091-2/+0
* Committing contributed code by Matthias Glastra: Mostly coding conventions re...Jani Palsamäki2011-09-011-2/+2
* Moved AddThis configuration generation to a separate class. Replaced some NUL...Jani Palsamäki2011-08-291-0/+1
* Refactoring: Moved field hooks and block hooks to separate include files. Cre...Jani Palsamäki2011-07-051-0/+3
* Added classes to .info-file and removed module_load_include-calls.Jani Palsamäki2011-06-231-0/+3
* Added a dependency to block-module.Jani Palsamäki2011-06-161-0/+1
* Added addthis.test-file. Implemented hook_block_info().Jani Palsamäki2011-06-101-0/+1
* Stripping CVS keywordsThe Great Git Migration2011-02-251-1/+0
* Starting work on D7 3.x version after a design dead endVesa Palmu2010-10-311-6/+5
* #628486 by JacobSingh - First working version of D7 port7.x-2.1-alpha1Vesa Palmu2009-11-141-1/+6
* Bringing HEAD up to date with D6 branchVesa Palmu2009-11-131-3/+1
* Quick and dirty port to D7. This port has still some issues with current Drup...Vesa Palmu2008-09-061-1/+3
* Port to D55.x-2.0-beta1Vesa Palmu2008-08-131-1/+1
* Fixed the info textVesa Palmu2008-06-141-1/+1
* Complete rewrite6.x-2.0-beta1Vesa Palmu2008-06-101-3/+3
* this rocks6.x-1.05.x-1.0Patrick Przybilla2008-04-171-0/+4