BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
6.x-1.xIssue #1888600 by michael.conley: Add additional button choices for sign-in.Chris Christensen6 years
7.x-1.xFixed various theming function for d7 compatibility as well as several db que...Maksim Pecherskiy6 years
register-blockAdding central function for showing the link or button, adding plain text lin...Maksim Pecherskiy6 years
6.x-1.0-alpha4commit 3b49c76590...Chris Christensen6 years
6.x-1.0-alpha3commit 6c5b261571...Chris Christensen6 years
6.x-1.0-alpha2commit e50a9e3e39...Chris Christensen6 years
6.x-1.0-alpha1commit 9385305b8b...Chris Christensen6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-02-13Issue #1888600 by michael.conley: Add additional button choices for sign-in.HEAD6.x-1.0-alpha46.x-1.xChris Christensen3-0/+0
2013-02-13Issue #1878330 by MrMaksimize: Add iframe registration functionality.6.x-1.0-alpha3Chris Christensen3-13/+125
2013-01-09Fixing bug on previously logged in user allplayers_user_connect hook firing.Maksim Pecherskiy1-1/+1
2013-01-03Add register button option and expose register option on admin config.Chris Christensen3-0/+1
2012-12-06Fixing bug with link text being static.Maksim Pecherskiy1-1/+2
2012-12-06Adding central function for showing the link or button, adding plain text lin...register-blockMaksim Pecherskiy2-18/+33
2012-12-05Adding registration block functionality - users can login or register using d...Maksim Pecherskiy3-17/+44
2012-10-26Adding an example hook_allplayers_user_connect call.Maksim Pecherskiy1-0/+11
2012-10-23Adding allplayers_user_connect hook with after_connect and after_login values.Maksim Pecherskiy2-12/+53
2012-10-23Updating Readme with set up information.Maksim Pecherskiy1-2/+20