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+Commerce Popular Products
+Commerce Popular Projects looks through your Drupal Commerce orders and figures
+out the most popular products for a given timeframe. You can include/exclude
+product node types, set the timeframe for your popularity ranking and calls a
+View to display your Commerce products.
+The settings screen is found in the main Commerce store settings.
+Popular products are displayed using a View which pulls in title only by
+default. The View can be overridden through the Views UI. The View is displayed
+in a block.
+On install the module attempts to place the block in the main content area, but
+if it cannot, you must set the block location manually. Obviously, because it
+is a block, you can use Context to control positioning.
+All the settings are stored in the Variable table and are prepended by the
+module name.
+Install Views
+Install Commerce
+Install Commerce Popular Products
+Place the block wherever you want it
+Set up your products & product displays.
+Customize the view as you see fit.
+The default settings are sensible, but if you want them they live at