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* update code and move google api to libraries directoryHEAD7.x-1.0master7.x-1.xMuhammad Asghar Khan2013-12-254-55/+3
* All functionality done and now it is 100% completed and ready for community use.Asghar Home Desktop2013-11-245-195/+193
* all functionality done just code formatting is remaining.Asghar Home Desktop2013-11-246-59/+18
* update source code 90% functionality doneAsghar Home Desktop2013-11-243-14/+70
* mail google api chart functionality done but some bugs fixes remainingAsghar Home Desktop2013-11-236-32/+291
* integrated with views, add handler and alter handlerAsghar Home Desktop2013-11-215-2/+70
* Update views_org_chart filesAsghar Home Desktop2013-11-206-0/+114
* Initial commit.Asghar Home Desktop2013-11-201-0/+1